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App for Our Cause – CSA Awareness App for iPad

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month – CSAAM – is an annual awareness program organized by a voluntary collective of bloggers and social networks. It aims to break the deafening silence that surrounds this taboo topic. It targets parents, teachers and

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Maine School Buys 285 iPad 2s for Pilot Project with Kindergartner Kids

Maine school is embarking on an interesting initiative. They are buying 285 iPad 2s and give it to kindergartner kids. In terms of overall cost involved in kindergartner stage, spend on iPad 2 is a small overhead. The idea began

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iPad Culture Spreads as BBC Comedy Team Explores iPaditis

It’s funny and tells how fast iPad has come into our consciousness.

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Recommended Read: eBook Buying Guide

Mike Cane has a very useful post on eBook buying. Perfect guide to help you out in Christmas season. It’s a must reason if you are planning on buying one. [H/T @lizcastro]

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WSJ: eBooks, Next Frontier For Advertising Agencies

Now here is something traditionalists won’t like. Idea is gaining traction where advertising agencies and few eBook vendors are planning to test ad units inside an eBook experience: The marketing world is drawing up plans to invade one of the

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Plenty of action in tablet world. Here a…

Plenty of action in tablet world. Here are few links for your weekend reading Financial Times – Old media tackle the challenge of the tablet. Heard for the first time about ‘finishability’ of content on iPad. Apple sold 7.5 million

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Why iPad Magazine Apps Suck?

We spend lot of time tinkering with the magazine format. Couple of magazines we did develop for private circulation. We were not too happy with the outcome. There was always this nagging feeling that there has to be something more

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Wired Magazine’s iPad Edition is Live on App Store

Ok this a fan boy post here. I love Wired magazine and I am sure most of the serious gadget geeks can’t live without this wonderful magazine. Today Conde Naste’ has launched iPad version of Wired and this is going

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Will the iPad usher in a “post-scroll er…

Will the iPad usher in a “post-scroll era”? Gawker’s a convert.

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How iPad Can Save Media Industry?

iPad launch is going in full swing. People are raving about it. It’s not just the regular Apple fanboys who are relishing the launch, media executives all across the world are waiting with the proverbial bated breath. Big question on

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