Fliplog Mobile for Standards

Tablet based Standards publishing system eliminates hard to distribute Standards data for SDOs. Reduces tablet publishing cost and improves content revenue. Fliplog Mobile for Standards iPad apps are for design, assurance, safety, testing and compliance professionals.

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fliplog mobile for standards
Top Benefits
Centralized access to standards information
Centralized access to standards information. New revenue channel via mobile store front. Serve to global customer base
Multiple search criteria to get the job done
Use multiple search criteria to access to industry codes and standards. Onsite efficiency with rapid data retrieval
Embrace digital and evolve
Enhance standards data with video, audio notes and tablet reading experience.
Catalog, Document Detail, Historical and Redline Versions
Multiple navigation modes – ToC, Index, Bookmark, Search and more
Support for In-App Purchase
Social Sharing & Push Notification
Integrate with Mobile Ad Networks
Use Fliplog Content Distribution Cloud

Fliplog Mobile for Standards is designed for standards publishers (SDOs), academic institutes, government organizations and health care policy owners