Fliplog Component Library

Mobile technology wave is unlike anything we have seen in technology industry. Speed at which platform providers are rolling out SDKs is just mind boggling. Our approach to stay ahead of the curve is to constantly invest in innovation and code experiments. Fliplog Component Library is a an ongoing program to generate reusable native app mobile components. We develop these for our own internal use and sometimes share this work with our clients.

  • NewsStand
  • Magazine
  • News Reader
  • Collaborative Text Editor
  • Info-graphics Viewer
  • Flash Card Viewer
  • Coloring
  • Tracing
  • Assessment
  • Finder for Search Module
  • Curated Content Aggregator
  • Rule Based Youtube Gallery
  • Magento Touch Plugin*

Components are designed for flexibility. They can be used in standalone framework mode and can also be quickly converted into standalone apps when used with Fliplog Mobile app container.