Maine School Buys 285 iPad 2s for Pilot Project with Kindergartner Kids

Maine school is embarking on an interesting initiative. They are buying 285 iPad 2s and give it to kindergartner kids. In terms of overall cost involved in kindergartner stage, spend on iPad 2 is a small overhead.

The idea began when teachers who owned iPad noticed a significant improvement in kindergartners — who had previously had trouble learning the alphabet — who were exposed to educational software on the iPad. The device is seen as more portable and less expensive than laptop computers, and more appropriate for the age group’s hands-on use. Officials hope to raise the literacy rates in the district from 62 to 90 percent within two years.

This is exactly the kind of project we at Fliplog dream about. Download numbers and feedback we have received from users of Hindi app tells us that kids get tremendous amount of learning support from iPad apps. Parents were loving it and now schools are jumping into this adoption game.

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