Google Editions is Now Google eBooks. Launched Cloud Based eBook Program

After long anticipation, Google today launched it’s ebook service – Google eBooks. Previously this service was branded under Google Editions. Like everything else Google does, this launch is full of scale and ambition. Launch offers 3 million ebooks. That makes Google biggest player in a fast growing eBook market.

Google eBooks will let reader access ebooks from any device – be it browser, desktop, mobile apps, netbooks and maybe Google TV. There are apps for Android and iPad/iPhone devices as well. Sign up and use of this service will be as familiar an experience as using Gmail or Google Docs. Which means Google is going into this battle with a huge advantage. They are also planning to extend web reader to competing platforms like Sony and Nook.

Google is also bringing another weapon to the battle – indies! Small booksellers who suffered in the elephant fight between Apple and Amazon can now find some level playing field. Google is allowing these independent booksellers (for now US only – so much for globalization!) to host ebooks for sale. It will be interesting to see how far Google goes to empower Independent booksellers. Can an average joe running book review blog convert that community into bookselling service? Going by Google’s investment in Adsense and Blogger, this should be obvious but we will have to see how this evolves.

All in all exciting development. We will be test driving this service and wherever possible pushing Fliplog eBooks to Google eBook platform. Exciting time for book lovers!

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